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3" Shrimp - Clr Gold Glitter

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In stock
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3" Shrimp - Clr Gold Glitter



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Clr Gold Glitter

This 3" Shrimp Cocktail weighs 1/4oz (7.1g) and is extremely versatile because all fish like eating prawns! When fishing flats or open water, cast it out, let it sink for a good while, then retrieve it with a quick draw of the rod, then a good pause, then another rod movement, and so on. Around snags and other structure use short quick upward flicks of the rod tip, with pauses in between to let it sink down again; this provides movement while not drawing it too far away from the strike zone. It's ideal for estuary species such as bream, flathead, jewfish, jacks, cod and barra, but try it also for a variety of inshore and pelagic species.