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Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Braid-Crystal

As low as $29.00
In stock
In stock
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Braid-Crystal
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (INC GST)
Fireline Ultra 8-6Lb 150m Crystal 1450944 Braid 150m 6Lb 0.10mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-8Lb 150m Crystal 1450945 Braid 150m 8Lb 0.12mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-10Lb 150m Crystal 1450946 Braid 150m 10Lb 0.15mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-14Lb 150m Crystal 1450947 Braid 150m 14Lb 0.18mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-17Lb 150m Crystal 1450948 Braid 150m 17Lb 0.21mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-20Lb 150m Crystal 1450949 Braid 150m 20Lb 0.23mm Crystal $29.00
Fireline Ultra 8-14Lb 300m Crystal 1453282 Braid 300m 14Lb 0.18mm Crystal $49.00
Fireline Ultra 8-17Lb 300m Crystal 1453283 Braid 300m 17Lb 0.21mm Crystal $49.00
Fireline Ultra 8-20Lb 300m Crystal 1453284 Braid 300m 20Lb 0.23mm Crystal $49.00
Fireline Ultra 8-25Lb 300m Crystal 1453285 Braid 300m 25Lb 0.27mm Crystal $49.00
Fireline Ultra 8-30Lb 300m Crystal 1453286 Braid 300m 30Lb 0.29mm Crystal $49.00
New to Berkley in 2017 is the much anticipated Fireline Ultra 8 braid.

What makes it different from other Firelines is the use 8 carrier or strands of Dyneema that are fused together to produce a braid that is 4 times more abrasion resistant than the original Fireline.

The 8 carrier construction offers several key benefits to Fishermen;
* Ultra 8 casts 10% further than traditional Fireline.
* Enhanced knot strength and near zero stretch deliver unsurpassed feel.
* Round fused profile resists separation or digging into the spool under heavy loads.
* Construction optimizes Ultra 8 for light to medium duty spinning reels.

Berkley Fireline has long been renowned for resisting wind knots far better than un-fused braids, and Ultra 8 takes this to a whole new level.

Ultra 8 is available in 150 meter spools up to 20Lb and 300 meter spools up to 30Lb.

Remember, delivery is FREE for signed in Dinga Club members.

So. Get your Ultra 8 Braid and get Fishing!
  • 4 Times More Abrasion Resistant
  • Enhanced Knot Strength
  • Near Zero Stretch
  • 8 Carrier and Fused
  • Round Fused Profile
  • 10% better casting