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Berkley Lolly Drop Jigging Lures

As low as $9.95
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Colour Weight (g) Price (INC GST)
Jig 18g Pink Flash 1453790 Lures Pink Flash 18g $9.95
Jig 18g Neon Flash 1453791 Lures Neon Flash 18g $9.95
Jig 18g Gold Flash 1453794 Lures Gold Flash 18g $9.95
Jig 18g SBR Stripe 1453792 Lures SBR Stripe 18g $9.95
Jig 18g GGR Stripe 1453793 Lures GGR Stripe 18g $9.95
Jig 28g Pink Flash 1453795 Lures Pink Flash 28g $9.95
Jig 28g Neon Flash 1453796 Lures Neon Flash 28g $9.95
Jig 28g Gold Flash 1453799 Lures Gold Flash 28g $9.95
Jig 28g SBR Stripe 1453797 Lures SBR Stripe 28g $9.95
Jig 28g GGR Stripe 1453798 Lures GGR Stripe 28g $9.95
Jig 40g Pink Flash 1453800 Lures Pink Flash 40g $11.95
Jig 40g Neon Flash 1453801 Lures Neon Flash 40g $11.95
Jig 40g Gold Flash 1453804 Lures Gold Flash 40g $11.95
Jig 40g SBR Stripe 1453802 Lures SBR Stripe 40G $11.95
Jig 40g GGR Stripe 1453803 Lures GGR Stripe 40g $11.95
Berkley Lolly Drop Jigging Lures.

Berkley Jig It LOLLY DROP jigs are designed for light jigging application.

The unique design and high quality holographic finish proven to attract a wide range of pelagic and reef species.

Cast one of these deadly fish attractors and quickly wind it back with an intermittent jigging motion that big pelagics love. Or drop straight down where the fish are and jig it in up and down motion.

Comes pre rigged with tapered edge point assist hook.

Available in 18, 28 & 40 gram sizes
  • Perfectly balanced & centre weighted slow fall jig
  • Comes pre rigged with tapered edge point assist hook
  • Slow Fall Jig
  • Available in 5 Colours with UV Glow Accents