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Get great deals on durable boat oars and kayak paddles from DINGA today!

Oars and kayak paddles are a little bit like socks, they often go missing. They get lost in the shed or someone thinks they make a great cricket bat when you are not looking, right? If you need it for fishing related sports you'll find the best deal on oars and paddles in Australia at DINGA Online.

And just like socks, one oar or kayak paddle is never really enough. You can afford to have a spare oar or paddle on hand at the prices you'll find with us.

Kayak paddles from Jarvis Marine, for example, are super-strong and long lasting while being made of lightweight aluminium. These kayak paddles are designed so you can break them down and pack them away without taking up much space. At a total length over 2 metres and having adjustable features for your particular style, you can go wrong with at less than $40.

All the boat accessories, including each and every boat oar and kayak paddle you'll find on DINGA are the genuine brand items. We're letting you know we do not consider your purchase complete until your order has arrived and you are satisfied.

If you can't find any item you are looking for, contact our customer service team for assistance. They're more than happy to help. Shop with DINGA and discover the DINGA difference today!

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