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Raid your next fishing spot with Bomber fishing brand and watch the impact!

Bomber brand lures and barramundi are virtually inseparable. Ask any veteran barra fisho for a list of essential lures for your tackle box and we can virtually guarantee that the gold Bomber B15A lure will be among the most highly recommended. The Bomber Long A is a tried and tested fish-catching design and they excel across the sand and mud flats of tropical estuaries. Although these lures found fame as Barra catching weapons, their action appeals to a variety of species that include mangrove Jack, threadfin salmon and coral trout.

The true performance of a lure really hits home when other brands start to imitate the design. In this regard, the gold Bomber would have to be one of the most copied lure designs in the world.

DINGA supplies original genuine brand Bomber products backed with the DINGA Satisfaction Guarantee. That means you get peace of mind with any orders from DINGA Online!

Bomber brand lures come in a range of sizes and colours and they excel in coastal saltwater environments, freshwater rivers and impoundments. The 13A is a perfect choice for the creeks and estuaries, the 15A is an all-round barra smasher and the larger 16A and 17A are the big boys that bring undone epic saltwater and dam barra. There are also two deeper diving models for getting down into snags and there are two new models that are designed for longer casts and windy situations.

Our faster than normal delivery times at DINGA ensure that you’ll have Bomber brand products in your arsenal for that next outdoor adventure!

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