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Boone 335pc Rigging Kit

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Out of stock

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Boone 335pc Rigging Kit



This popular 335-piece Boone Rigging Kit is a staple for gamefishermen who make their own gamefishing leaders and rigs for fishing baits and lures. This versatile Boone Rigging Kit includes a variety of aluminium crimping sleeves across four different sizes, plus stainless steel thimbles and nylon thimbles. It is ideal for tactics targeting gamefish species such as billfish, tuna, mahi mahi, swordfish, wahoo, sharks and anything else that grows big and trashes inferior tackle. You can also use it for rigging heavy-duty rigs for big reef fish, or deeper still, fishing multiple hook rigs off the Continental Shelf with electric reels.

The name Boone is synonymous with sport and gamefishing. All Boone fishing tools are designed by fishing experts and the stainless steel range of pliers, cutters and crimping tool are especially popular with experienced gamefishing crews around the world.

Kit Contains,
150 - 1.2mm Sleeves
35 - 1.7mm Sleeves
50 - 2.0mm Sleeves
50 - 2.3mm Sleeves
25 - Stainless Steel Thimbles
25 - Nylon Thimbles