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Get your hands on precision engineering with Daiwa today!

Daiwa fishing equipment has been at the forefront of precision Japanese engineering for decades. Few companies can compete with the slick designs and attention to detail that has become characteristic of the Daiwa brand. Anything the Daiwa engineers and designers touch appears to turn to gold.

In 1965 Daiwa pioneered the open-face spin reel that increased the amount of line on a reel, produced a faster spin and a better feel. The impact of this design innovation is apparent in tackle stores across the world, with open face spin reels now the norm rather than the exception.

DINGA strives to supply innovative and cutting edge products to our customers. Whatever your budget, we aim to have the latest products to suit your demands.

Daiwa produce an extensive range of fishing products that encompass rods, reels, lines, lures and a host of accessories. Daiwa develop and utilise the most innovative materials on the market and aren’t scared to challenge convention. When you choose Daiwa, you are purchasing exceptional quality and highly refined products that will exude function and class. If style is important to your on-water image, then it’s tough to look past Daiwa.

Order Daiwa brand fishing gear from DINGA and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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  1. Daiwa  Accessories
    Daiwa Vector Trucker Cap- White/Black
    Normal Price $15.00 DINGA Price $12.95
    Out of stock
  2. Daiwa Exceler 17 LTD Spinning Reels
    Daiwa Exceler LT Spinning Reels
    As low as $159.00
  3. Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reels
    Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reels
    As low as $269.00
  4. Team Daiwa Sol Spinning Rods
    Team Daiwa Sol Spinning Rods
    As low as $155.00
  5. Team Daiwa Sol Baitcast Rods
    Team Daiwa Sol Baitcast Rods
    As low as $155.00
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62 Items

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