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Get your hands on iconic Aussie fishing gear with Jarvis Walker!

No other fishing company evokes childhood fishing memories in the same way that Jarvis Walker does. The Jarvis Walker brand evokes childhood fishing memories more than any other fishing company. Jarvis Walker has produced fishing tackle since the 1940s and has established a reputation for producing functional fishing equipment for exceptional value.

Considering that fishing is one of the highest participation sports in the country, the total number of kids that started their fishing journey on a Jarvis Walker product would be an impressive statistic. We dare say it’s the majority of anglers who frequent the water today. Jarvis Walker’s ability to provide affordable fishing gear to get people involved in a healthy fishing and outdoor lifestyle is a profound and distinguished legacy.

Here at DINGA we strive to keep Australians fishing and we believe that by offering top quality products at affordable prices we’ll keep Aussies fishing and also attract new generations of anglers to the lifestyle.

Jarvis Walker provides an extensive range of products that cover every aspect of fishing. From rods and reels to lures and terminal tackle, Jarvis Walker has the fishing essentials covered in style.

Check out the phenomenal Jarvis Walker range at DINGA today and get your hands on legendary products with legendary customer service!

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  1. Jarvis Walker Jarvis Walker Solid Series Black Queen Deluxe Spinning Rod 2.40m 2/P 2-5kg Spinning Rods
    Jarvis Walker Black Queen Spinning Rod 2.35m 2/P 2-5kg
    Normal Price $35.95 DINGA Price $29.95
  2. Jarvis Walker Breakaway 6 oz Qty 1.
    Jarvis Walker Breakaway Sinker 6 oz P Pack 1
    Normal Price $3.95 DINGA Price $3.00
  3. Jarvis Walker
    Jarvis Walker Mono Rigs
    As low as $4.00
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Items 1-90 of 412

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