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Get a new perspective on the underwater world with Ugly Fish sunglasses from DINGA online!

Since 2003, Ugly Fish have been wrapping their sunglasses around the mugs of anglers across the country and making them, well, damn ugly. Don’t take us the wrong way, we mean “ugly” in the most complimentary manner possible! In fact, Ugly Fish sunglasses ooze style and are designed to block out all those nasty on-water hazards like sun, salt, spray and airborne hooks to enable you see the fishing world in all its true glory!

Ugly Fish sunglasses are innovative and built tough for an active outdoor lifestyle. The lenses are durable, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, feature hydrophobic coatings and provide a crystal clear field of vision. The polarised models cut through irritating glare and help anglers to spot the most timid of fish lurking in the water.

At DINGA we want our customers to look good on the water! Confident anglers catch fish and we know that with Ugly Fish you’ll be spotting and catching fish like a pro!

Ugly Fish manufacture a broad variety of sunglasses specifically for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Ugly Fish have sunnies for men, women, kids and even options for anglers that depend on fit-overs or bi-focals. Ugly Fish excel on the water, but they’re versatile and look right at home in any outdoor activity or lifestyle application!

Check out our extensive range of Ugly Fish sunglasses at DINGA today. If you join our DINGA Club you’ll even get your orders delivered for absolutely nothing!

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