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Cortland C16 Super Braid 600yd 100lb White Braided Fishing Line

Cortland's C16 Super Braid 600yd 100lb White braid is one of the most advanced multi-fiber trolling lines available for saltwater fishing today. Manufactured in Cortland, USA, from 16 individual spectra fibers. Hence the name C16. Most other manufacturers of braided fishing lines, at best, use 8 individual fibers or carriers. These extra carriers enable Cortland to produce a premium line featuring a tight, round profile and uniform pick count, or wraps per inch, for a silky smooth surface that packs tightly on the spool of the reel without flattening or digging in.

Another feature of the 16 carrier construction is Its fine diameter, which minimizes line drag while trolling or fighting a fish. It also increases the lines resistance to wear and tear during long battles with stubborn fish.

The spectra fibers have virtually no stretch,so the C16 line delivers extreme sensitivity and instant hook sets.

Cortland C16 is treated with FiberTech super braid protection, a unique process which penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual spectra fibers to improve the handling, and knotting characteristics of the line. FiberTech also provide a permanent color, reduces friction in the guides and dramatically increases the line's durability.

The Cortland company is synonymous with quality products, and the C16 Super Braid is no exception, Fishermen looking for the best braided trolling line need look no further.

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Good Fishing
  • Specialist Braided Trolling Fishing Line
  • Braided from 16 individual Spectra Fibers
  • Nearly Zero Stretch offers extreme sensitivity and instant hook sets
  • Fiber-Tech Treatment improves handling and knotting characteristics while reducing friction on rod guides.
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Cortland C16 Super Braid 600yd 100lb White Braided Fishing Line

Code Model Length (metric) Rating (lb) Colour Price (Inc GST)
158016 C16 Super Braid 540m 100lb White
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