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Cortland RZ-8 PE Braid Line Dark Green 300yd 4lb

Do you cast lightweight lures using light fast-action graphite rods for fish such as bream, whiting, flathead, bass and trout? Cortland RZ-8 Dark Green 300 yards in 4lb line class is an ideal braid fishing line for ultra-light sportfishing tactics when you're typically using small lures that weigh around 2g to 10g. Cortland RZ-8 in 4lb has a miniscule line diameter of just 0.08mm. Cortland RZ-8 is an eight-carrier braid that is round in shape and has a slick, smooth outer coating, all of which is crucial for making long accurate casts with ultra light lures, because you really need to minimise anything that adds drag on such a light casting weight. And if you’re casting further than the next guy, chances are you’ll be catching the fish before him.

4lb Cortland RZ-8 also makes a lot of sense when you consider that anytime you’re fishing with light lures in estuaries, sandflats or stillwater impoundments, you’ll also need to be using fine diameter light leaders for the most invisible lure presentation as possible; and remember the most secure knots are tied between lines of similar thickness so when you’re fishing, say, 4lb or 6lb fluorocarbon leader, using a thin braid and a knot such as a slim beauty will deliver knot strength you can rely on.

Knowing when to use 4lb and when to 6lb is simply a case of lure size and target fish size. Use 4lb for ultra light lures and species such as bream, whiting and small trout. 6lb can be more useful if your lure weight’s casting performance is less likely to be affected by the minor difference in line diameter, plus 6lb offers a little more insurance against fish that have the potential to be bigger and stronger, such as flathead and bass.

As for the choice between the two available colours, use the High-Vis Yellow when you need to watch your line closely for the subtle ‘ticks’ in line indicating an enquiry from a wary bream, remembering to use a longer clear leader when fishing with a more visible main line colour; or the Dark Green when you need your line to be as invisible as possible, or when fishing short leaders.
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Cortland RZ-8 PE Braid Line Dark Green 300yd 4lb

Code Model Length (metric) Colour Price (Inc GST)
110250 Cortland RZ-8 PE Braid Line Dark Green 300yd 4lb 275m Dark Green

Regular Price: $69.00

Special Price $15.00

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