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Daiwa 20 Saltwater Rods

As low as $159.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Pc Rating (lb) Price (INC GST)
20 TD SALTWATER S56-3/5 14001 Offshore-Rods 168 cm 1 PE 3-5 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S56-5/8 14002 Offshore-Rods 168 cm 1 PE 5-8 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S60-4/6 14003 Offshore-Rods 183 cm 1 PE 4-6 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S62-2/3 14004 Offshore-Rods 188 cm 1 PE 2-3 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S64-2/4 14005 Offshore-Rods 193 cm 1 PE 2-4 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER SJ66-1.5 14006 Offshore-Rods 198 cm 1 PE 0.8-1.5 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER SJ66-3 14007 Offshore-Rods 198 cm 1 PE 1-3 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER BJ66-1.5 14008 Offshore-Rods 198 cm 1 PE 0.8-1.5 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER BJ66-3 14009 Offshore-Rods 198 cm 1 PE 1-3 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S70-1 14010 Offshore-Rods 213 cm 2-Butt PE 1 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S70-2 14011 Offshore-Rods 213 cm 2-Butt PE 2 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S70-3 14012 Offshore-Rods 213 cm 2-Butt PE 3 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S70-4 14013 Offshore-Rods 213 cm 2-Butt PE 4 $159.00
20 TD SALTWATER S80-3 14014 Offshore-Rods 244 cm 2 PE 3 $159.00

Team Daiwa makes its debut into heavy-tackle saltwater rods with TD Saltwater. A newly developed series to accommodate the demand for high-quality and affordable saltwater rods.

The heart of TD Saltwater begins with Daiwa’s BRAIDING-X graphite technology, a graphite tape which is applied to the butt section of the blank. Wrapping in this style adds a level of stiffness and rigidity to the overall blank construction without the added weight and diameter of a whole extra layer of the HSD graphite cloth.

BRAIDING-X is used for the bottom half of the blank’s construction, delivering improved lifting power and ultimately higher strength.

TD Saltwater’s actions are tried and tested around the country, featuring jigging and boat-fishing specific models, a number of actions for fishing lures and soft plastics on reefs chasing snapper and pelagic species, and new actions specially designed for the growth in TaiRubber fishing, using lures like Daiwa's KOHGA to chase Snapper and other bottom-dwelling reef species.

Outfitting TD Saltwater is Fuji’s Corrosion Control (BC) ‘O’ ring guides. When it comes to durable and affordable guide solutions, Fuji’s O ring leaves all others behind. Slimline EVA two-tone grips make TD Saltwater stand out from the crowd, and are a class act paired with almost any large size spinning reel.

  • HSD Graphite
  • Braiding X - Increased Hoop Strength
  • Daiwa Light Weight Ergonomic Reel Seats
  • Fuji Aluminium Oxide Guides with Stainless Frame