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Daiwa J Braid | Braid Fishing Line -Chartreuse

As low as $34.95
In stock
In stock
Daiwa J Braid | Braid Fishing Line -Chartreuse
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (INC GST)
J Braid 6lb 150m Chartreuse 49100 Braid 150m 6 0.06 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 8lb 150m Chartreuse 49101 Braid 150m 8 0.13 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 10lb 150m Chartreuse 49102 Braid 150m 10 0.15 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 15lb 150m Chartreuse 49103 Braid 150m 15 0.19 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 20lb 150m Chartreuse 49104 Braid 150m 20 0.23 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 30lb 150m Chartreuse 49105 Braid 150m 30 0.28 Chartreuse $34.95
J Braid 15lb 300m Chartreuse 49118 Braid 300m 15 0.19 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 20lb 300m Chartreuse 49119 Braid 300m 20 0.23 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 30lb 300m Chartreuse 49120 Braid 300m 30 0.28 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 40lb 300m Chartreuse 49121 Braid 300m 40 0.32 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 50lb 300m Chartreuse 49122 Braid 300m 50 0.36 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 65lb 300m Chartreuse 49123 Braid 300m 65 0.41 Chartreuse $69.95
J Braid 80lb 300m Chartreuse 49124 Braid 300m 80 0.43 Chartreuse $69.95
The Daiwa J Braid Braided Fishing Line in Chartreuse colour is a new release in 2015 and as promised comes with a whole host of benefits to help you make an easy selection when choosing a new fishing line that is right for you.

To start with this PE style braid was designed with an 8 carrier weave which gives it its strength and round profile appearance. Daiwa J Braid is a low stretch fishing line giving you more control and insight into what your line is currently doing when stalking a fish.

This Braided fishing line is perfectly suited for both baitcast and spinning reels and can easily handle the various fishing applications an angler may use it for including lure casting, and bait fishing techniques.
  • 8 Carrier Weave PE Braid
  • Super Casting Ability
  • Round Profile
  • Low Stretch
  • High Abrasion Resistance