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Daiwa Saltiga 20 Series Spinning Reels - New

As low as $1,449.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Gear Ratio Max Drag (kg) Line Capacity Ball Bearings Weight (g) Price (INC GST)
Saltiga 20 10000-P 20912 Spinning-Reels 4.8:1 25Kg PE5-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 645g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 8000-P 20910 Spinning-Reels 4.8:1 25Kg PE4-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 645g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 8000-H 20911 Spinning-Reels 5.8:1 25Kg PE4-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 655g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 14000-XH 20915 Spinning-Reels 6.2:1 25Kg PE6-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 655g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 14000-P 20914 Spinning-Reels 4.8:1 25Kg PE6-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 655g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 10000-H 20913 Spinning-Reels 5.8:1 25Kg PE5-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 655g $1,449.00
Saltiga 20 18000-P 20916 Spinning-Reels 4.5:1 30Kg PE8-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 875g $1,599.00
Saltiga 20 18000-H 20917 Spinning-Reels 5.8:1 30Kg PE8-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 875g $1,599.00
Saltiga 20 20000-H 20918 Spinning-Reels 5.8:1 30Kg PE10-300m 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 890g $1,599.00
Ever since the first Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has constantly increased. The original Saltiga set a new standard for this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history.

Extensively redesigned and engineered from drag knob to handle the 20 Saltiga features the most advanced list of features ever, to once again affirm itself as the ultimate saltwater spinning reel.

At the heart of the re-design is the brand new Monocoque body. A single piece body capable of holding much larger internal gearing components is machined from high-strength aluminium to provide unheralded strength and improved sealing. Housed within the MQ body, is a brand-new drive gear, providing gear strength more than double that of its predecessor. Diameter has increased 12% against 15 Saltiga, whilst the new G1 Drive Gear is also thicker with a newly designed Tough Digigear concept of larger and deeper cut teeth.

The new MQ body in itself improves upon 15 Saltiga again. The single-piece construction improves the rigidity of the body assembly. Which when used under heavy loads against the ocean’s toughest predators, means 20 Saltiga delivers ultimate strength. The new MQ body also boasts a new rear cover design, eliminating screws from the underside of the reel to improve against intrusion, the cover is also produced from reinforced ABS to eliminate potential electrolysis with the aluminium body. Improved paint & finishing processes also extend the durability to the cosmetic side, delivering much improved corrosion protection.

Improvements have also been made to the spool & drag assembly, where drag pressures have been increased to an astounding 25/30kg. Limited by the spool capacity, Daiwa engineers created a new drag stack, increasing the number of washers to deliver ten times the drag durability compared to 15 Saltiga. A newly designed aluminium Radiation Drag Knob delivers improved cooling & heat dissipation compared to 15 Saltiga thanks to its aluminium construction and increased size compared to 14 Expedition. A newly designed ABS Longcast lip design offers improved casting performance and enhanced line management. A noticeable lack of porting and a unique under-side lip in the spool design is another deliberate strategy to minimise water intrusion under the spool.

Made in Japan and bulging at the seams with technology, 20 Saltiga is design excellence like only Daiwa can deliver, and strength and power that only Saltiga can offer.
  • MONOCOQUE (MQ) System
  • Made In Japan
  • The Ultimate Heavy Duty Spinning Reel
  • Up to 30Kg
  • 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB)