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Fin Nor Biscayne leverdrag overhead Reels. Plus a Free Fin Nor Rod

Fin-Nor Biscayne Overhead Lever Drag Fishing Reels feature heavy-duty carbon-fibre drag systems and huge extra-hard bronze and stainless steel gears. Once your hook is set, reeling in your catch is a breeze. The aluminium spool provides your fishing line with optimum protection and great performance for casting and retrieve. The straightforward, no-nonsense 4 stainless steel ball bearings, add to the overall strength.

Fin-Nor Biscayne Overhead lever Drag Fishing Reels offer more comfort for fighting bigger battles than many heavy duty fishing reels in the class. They come equipped with metal handles and large and firm grips, allowing for maximum control while fighting your target species

Fin-Nor Biscayne Overhead lever Drag Fishing Reels come in a 20 and larger 25 size for fishing for even bigger target species.

DINGA has an unrivalled reputation among Australia’s angling community for delivering top quality fishing tackle. We have the hands-on experience so we know which products the best value for money. You can be sure you are getting the genuine item when you shop with DINGA Online. Make sure you are a DINGA Member and enjoy the fastest free delivery in Australia.

Fin-Nor Biscayne Fishing Rods feature cutting edge technology, with design features that make them ideal for big game angling. The heavy-duty blanks are just that much stronger than what is available in this class of fishing rod in the market. Fin-Nor Biscayne fishing rods are incredibly robust while retaining their flexibility to allow for effective and long range casts. You’ll be bending the laws of physics with rod-arching-angles never seen before on this planet. Boggle the mind of mathematicians with your Fin-Nor Biscayne; just don’t forget to get the snapshot!

The integrated solid tip rod, the heavy-duty guides and the under bound guides are perfect for dragging the biggest, meanest fish from the depths of the ocean. The super strong and ultra flexible rods will withstand just about any pressure put on them - you’ll be battling with confidence without the fear of snapping your rod.

Fin-Nor Biscayne Fishing Rods are very powerful but have been constructed in a way to make them deceptively light. Hold on tight when you pick one up or you might throw it across the bow. Reduce fishing fatigue and conserve strength and energy for when the big one finally bites with your new Fin-Nor Biscayne. Weight is never an issue with these high-powered yet incredibly light rods. When an angler wants to subdue those ripper fish that normally out-power them, there is no better option than the Fin-Nor Biscayne Fishing Rod.

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