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For chasing record game fish Fin-Nor fishing tackle is among the finest!

Few brands exude quality comparable to that of Fin-Nor. Fin-Nor has a reputation for advanced high-performance fishing tackle and a legacy that ranks Fin-Nor products among the greatest ever built. It’s the gear that professionals and experienced anglers turn to when they require the most reliable tools to tame the toughest beasts in the ocean.

Fin-Nor brand products have played a key role in more than 900 IGFA World Records to date, so the statistics speak volumes. These numbers make it glaringly apparent that the world’s best anglers choose Fin-Nor when they set out to rewrite history.

DINGA strives to deliver the world’s best equipment with the world’s best customer service. We want anglers to enjoy the entire fishing experience from gear selection through to kicking personal goals or breaking world records.

Fin-Nor made their name through the development of high performance and robust reels. The labels Santiago, Marquesa, Biscayne and Lethal have become symbolic of trophy fish and epic battles. The Fin-Nor overhead and spin reels are designed for the most demanding of fish in the most critical of situations. When you’re locked in battle with rampaging predators in the wildest of oceans Fin-Nor won’t let you down.

Fin-Nor produces a variety of products to accompany their celebrated reels. Fin-Nor’s equally robust rods, IGFA accredited line and sun-smart apparel exemplifies the quality required for fishing in the world’s toughest environments.

We know you’ll be pleased with Fin-Nor products and that’s why at DINGA we guarantee satisfaction. Arm yourself with Fin-Nor for your next fishing adventure at low DINGA prices!

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