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Fin Nor Offshore A Series Spinning Reels with a 7' Rod to Suit

Fin Nor Offshore A Series Spinning Reels with a 7' Rod to Suit.

Fight big fish spinning style with Fin-Nor’s Offshore™ Spinning series—big reels with big ambitions.

Fin-Nor have just about every aspect of the Offshore Series, including the drag, the gearing and the cosmetic. Fin Nor is still the benchmark for all Heavy Duty Spinning Reels at this price-point. Fin-Nor have also added the massive 10500 model, with the amazing capacity of 440 meters of 100lb Braid. What a monster!

Case in point, powerful 4.4:1 gears made of solid stainless steel for controlling the battles in deep water and heavy duty, bullet proof construction. Our sealed Offshore MegaDrag™ multi-stacked drag system is made up of 10 premium carbon fiber and stainless-steel washers for ultra-strong, ultra-durable action, just as you would expect from a Fin-Nor reel.

Fin-Nor Biscayne Fishing Rods are the latest addition to Fin-Nor’s remarkable line of products, specifically designed to give you a dependable and extremely versatile piece of fishing equipment. The Biscayne Rods have everything that you need to finally catch that big prize that has been eluding you for so long.

  • Dinga Deal means best deal on Fin-nor Offshore reels
  • Fin-nor Offshore A Series Reel
  • Fin-nor Biscayne Rod for $10.00
  • Massive Drag Systems
  • Solid Stainless Gearing
  • 4 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • 4.4: Retrieve Rate
Specification of 

Fin Nor Offshore A Series Spinning Reels with a 7' Rod to Suit

Code Model Length (metric) Pc Rating (lb) Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Max Drag (kg) Price
25149 Fin-Nor Offshore 7500A OFS Spinning Reel - - - 4 330M/65lb braid 4.4:1 27.2
25150 Fin-Nor Offshore 8500A OFS Spinning Reel - - - 4 365M/65lb braid 4.4:1 27.2
25026 Fin-Nor Offshore 10500A OFS Spinning Reel - - - 4 440m/100lb braid 4.4:1 27.2
160257 Fin Nor Biscayne 7' 30 - 50 lb Boat Fishing Rod Spin 2.1 m 1 Pce 30 - 50 - - - -