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Fin-Nor Offshore - A Spinning Reels

Fight big fish spinning style with Fin-Nor’s Offshore™ Spinning series—big reels with big ambitions.

Fin-Nor have just about every aspect of the Offshore Series, including the drag, the gearing and the cosmetic-But not the name!! Fin Nor is still the benchmark for all Heavy Duty Spinning Reels at this price-point. Fin-Nor have also added the massive 10500 model, with the amazing capacity of 440 meters of 100lb Braid. What a monster!

Case in point, powerful 4.4:1 gears made of solid stainless steel for controlling the battles in deep water and heavy duty, bullet proof construction. Our sealed Offshore MegaDrag™ multi-stacked drag system is made up of 10 premium carbon fiber and stainless-steel washers for ultra-strong, ultra-durable action, just as you would expect from a Fin-Nor reel.
  • Solid Stainless Gearing
  • 4 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • 4.4: Retrieve Rate
  • Massive Drag Systems
  • New Monster Size 10500 added to Range
Specification of 

Fin-Nor Offshore - A Spinning Reels

Code Model Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Max Drag (kg) Price (Inc GST)
25148 Fin-Nor Offshore 6500A OFS Spinning Reel 4 365M/50lb braid 4.4:1 27.2

Out of Stock

25149 Fin-Nor Offshore 7500A OFS Spinning Reel 4 330M/65lb braid 4.4:1 27.2
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25150 Fin-Nor Offshore 8500A OFS Spinning Reel 4 365M/65lb braid 4.4:1 27.2
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25151 Fin-Nor Offshore 9500A OFS Spinning Reel 4 430M/65lb braid 4.4:1 27.2

Regular Price: $149.00

Special Price $139.00

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25026 Fin-Nor Offshore 10500A OFS Spinning Reel 4 440m/100lb braid 4.4:1 27.2

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