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Fin-Nor Santiago Overhead Game Fishing Reels

Fin-Nor Santiago SA Overhead Game Fishing Reels offer unadulterated strength and finesse. Featuring the most robust build that you’ve ever seen, these reels are armed with cutting edge engineering that gives you unparalleled performance and versatility through a variety of weight classes to suit your style.

Fin-Nor Santiago SA Game Reels are designed from the lowest capacity SA12 right through to the biggest, the SA130 Overhead Game Fishing Reel for big game anglers. The one-piece aluminium frame is as tough as nails and will withstand just about anything the biggest fish can throw at it. The aluminium spool allows for frictionless free spooling, giving smoothness to each cast and retrieve. The shaft of the Fin-Nor Santiago SA Game Reels is supported by four ceramic hybrid ball bearings that give it its seamless functionality.

Fin-Nor Santiago SA Game Reels feature a huge stainless steel drag plate and a two speed system that gives you the option of fine-tuning your reel’s functionality depending on your fishing style. The SA25, SA30W, SA50W and SA80W reels features a stunning drag function where the drag lever offers a wide range of drag, activating at the "Strike" position, with additional power available up to the "Full" setting. With a simple push of a button, the reel goes has a powerful low gear when you need it. An easy turn of a dial lets you switch back to high speed to pick up line. Fin-Nor Santiago SA Game Reels suit mono lines as well as braided lines.

If you’re in it to win it, you need a reel that will excel in the toughest of conditions, and angling for big game fish is as tough as it gets, the Fin-Nor Santiago SA Game Reel Series are designed to stay by your side over the longest fishing adventures.

The SA12 and SA16 are good for chasing Coral Trout, Snapper, Kingfish, Samson Fish, Mulloway, Mackerel and Tuna and suit reef and bottom fishing, light inshore and offshore jigging, light trolling, while the bigger capacity game Reels are an excellent choice for catching large pelagic, reef or game fish species such as Kingfish, Samson fish, Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Mackerel, and Billfish (Sailfish, Marlin).

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Specification of 

Fin-Nor Santiago Overhead Game Fishing Reels

Code Model Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Max Drag (kg) Weight (g) Price (Inc GST)
25006 Fin-Nor Santiago SA12 Overhead Game Fishing Reel 4 1020m/12lb 2.48/5.58:1 - -

Regular Price: $439.00

Special Price $299.00

Out of Stock

25002 Fin-Nor Santiago SA30W Overhead Game Fishing Reel 4 820m/30lb* 1.75 / 3.79:1 Strike 20.4; full 31.8 2083

Regular Price: $779.00

Special Price $499.00

Out of Stock

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