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Stealth fishing with Spiderwire braid fishing line at better prices.

The Spiderwire braid fishing line series is built around the concept of stealth fishing in durable and long lasting fishing line technology. Spiderwire stealth braid fishing line has the smoothness of a monofilament whilst boasting no stretch and an ultra thin diameter.

According to Spiderwire, "Only the best technology and most advanced High Molecular Weight PE fibers qualify for Spiderwire braided lines. Ultimate fishing line, for ultimate performance! Outcasts and outlasts any other braid!"

That's one pretty big claim and the claim with a proven track record we like to know our products have. Remember, you are getting the genuine article when you shop at DINGA Online.

The most extreme Spiderwire performance will be found in Spiderwire's Ultracast fishing line. At under $35, you've just found yourself another great bargain at DINGA Online.

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