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Tapered fly leader lines at the best prices in OZ at DINGA.

Our selection of tapered fly leader lines can be used in both fresh and saltwater. The majority of our stock items are by Jarvis Walker because Jarvis Walker products offer quality and an excellent price for those just getting started in fly fishing as well as providing a reliable and cost-effective fishing line solution for those who regularly fly fish on the weekend.

Jarvis Walker's Blackridge tapered fly leader fishing line is arguably one the most popular fly leader fishing lines you will find on the market in Australia.

Blackridge tapered fly leaders are affordably designed for those just getting started in fly fishing. Tapered fly fishing line is low memory, making it easier to tiek nots and still durable enough for handling the toughest of fish.

All JW fishing line products on DINGA are guaranteed the genuine brand products. What you see is what you will get. And that is something that not all online retailers you will find online can offer you. Think about that

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