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Catch more fish with fishing lures from generations of experience!

Fishing lures are a type of man-made bait specifically designed to attract a particular type of fish or groups of fish that occupy specific locations in the seas and rivers. Fishing lures employ a number of techniques to attract and catch fish as they bite into the fishing lure. Fishing lures will vibrate, reflect light and change in color, for example to attract fish. The creation of fishing lures is really akin to an art form. Considerable research is applied to gather insight and knowledge on a particular fish species, and even sub-species, before fish lures are designed.

Fishing lures often go through many trials and modifications before they go to production. Fishing lures are certainly not new to fishing and so as you would expect, there are fishing lures that have stood the test of time.

Fishing lures stocked by DINGA are proven to catch fish. The majority of our fishing lures come from the biggest brand names, such as world famous Halco Lures, among others. All our brand name fishing lures are genuine brand items.

You'll find our fishing lures have a number of subcategories to make it easy to find the fishing lures you are looking for. Fishing lures have been categorised on the type of fishing lure, the type of fish particular fishing lures catch the most and the type of technique the fishing lures suit the most.




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