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Fishing rods to suit every application and every budget!

Where would we be without fishing rods? Beyond the realms of handline fishing, fishing rods are one of the most essential fishing tools for any angler. Fishing rods are primary means for launching and delivering baits or lures to fish. Once hooked, the fishing rod then becomes a tool to heave fish out of their hidey-holes and steer them into your net!

Fishing rods come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials and every single model has an application. Traditional fibreglass rods are tough, flexible and virtually indestructible bait fishing weapons, while modern graphite rods are light, powerful, fast-action and ideal for contemporary lure techniques. Composite rods offer a compromise between the characteristics of fibreglass and graphite.

DINGA stocks an enormous variety of fishing rods to suit any fishing purpose that you have in mind. We know that everyone has different technique preferences, casting styles and budgets, so we offer options for everyone.

Fishing rods have come a very long way in recent years. Although anglers with big budgets can still opt for impeccably refined high-end graphite rods, there are now many high performance fishing rods that are packed with features yet are much more accessible in price. Anglers have never been so spoilt for choice!

All of our rods at DINGA are chosen carefully by the DINGA team to ensure we deliver our customers the best products for the best prices. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our outstanding reputation among Australia’s angling community is a raving endorsement of our service-focused philosophy. Order your next fishing rod with confidence. We know you’ll be happy!




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