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Check out DINGA’s massive range of spinning rods and snap up crazy online prices today!

Spinning rods are the most common fishing rod choice among contemporary anglers for their ease of use, versatility, durability and accessible price tags. Even veteran sport fishers and offshore anglers who have traditionally used other rod styles are now embracing spinning rods with enthusiasm.

DINGA’s 30 years of fishing retail experience provides insight into the best performing spinning rods in the market. We carefully select spinning rods based on their features, durability and value and we offer them to you at discount prices.

DINGA’s spinning rods deliver an unrivalled ability to cast a variety of lure and sinker weights efficiently and effectively. The extra length and responsive tapers of spinning rods permit long and powerful casts. Spinning rods are also remarkably easy to handle and can be utilised by anglers of any age.

Take a look at our broad range of spinning rods and pick out a bargain today. Whether you’re bait fishing with the kids or trolling for marlin offshore, there’s bound to be a spinning rod option for you! Enjoy!




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