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Hard Body Super Frog Lures

Out of stock
Out of stock

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Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Size Colour Price (INC GST)
Super Frog - Red & Holographic Silver 50560 Hard-Body 95mm 95mm Red & Holographic Silver $8.00
Super Frog - Green & Orange 50561 Hard-Body 95mm 95mm Green & Orange $8.00
Super Frog - Blue & Holographic Silver 50562 Hard-Body 95mm 95mm Blue & Holographic Silver $8.00
Tsunami Super Frog Lures are action packed and lively lures created to give Flathead enthusiasts the ultimate range of lures for landing their favourite estuary species. Designed to be incredibly attractive to Dusky Flathead and Sand Flathead in estuaries and along sandy beaches these Tsunami Super Frog Lures can also be rigged for inshore pelagic fish such as the Bonito, Mackerel and Tailor.

Flathead like to hang around in shallow water flats but almost never expose themselves in the day. If you want to catch a Flathead, you have to have the right tackle and lure. Tsunami Super Frog Lures are perfect for the business end of your line. All you have to do is pick the right spot, use the right technique and these big lizards will be jumping all over the Tsunami Super Frog Lure in no time.

Tsunami Super Frog Lures have an innovative design that stands out for being extraordinarily different from your standard lures. They feature flat sides to give the lures a broad shouldered look, which is exactly the kind of prey that Flathead hunt. Tsunami Super Frog Lures’ lifelike action in the water makes them incredibly enticing to target species.

You probably know that Flathead have binocular vision because of their eyes that lie on the top of their flat heads, making them expert hunters for prey that is swimming anywhere above them. What these Tsunami Super Frog Lures do best is fool Flathead into thinking that dinner is being served on a silver platter. Equipped with strong Mustad hooks, once the action of these Tsunami Super Frog Lures have worked their magic, the hooks will sink in deep.

Available in range of effective colours, Tsunami Super Frog Lures offer excellent value for money from a brand you can trust.

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