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Jarvis Walker Tool Kits are the ideal companion for all Aussie fishos. These kits offer a range of utility tools that provide unmatched convenience and efficiency for a myriad of situations. Every fisho knows that you need to be prepared for anything when you are going out on the water. Jarvis Walker Tool Kits are vital for being armed and ready.

Jarvis Walker Multi Tool Kits provides you with a range of tools that can help you beat any hurdle or problem you come across while fishing. From unhooking your catch securely to filleting it nicely, from preparing your bait for the best presentation to rigging your lines for the best retrieves, these tool kits will take care of everything. Maybe your tackle is damaged and needs repairing. Or maybe the knots are just not sitting right. Whatever it is, you can be sure that there is something in your Jarvis Walker Multi Tool Kit that can help

Jarvis Walker Fillet Kits offer you a kit to carry and keep three knives in safety. These knives are selected for their function by size.

Jarvis Walker Multi Tool Kits and Jarvis Walker Fillet Kits offer excellent value for money and also make for great gifts. We always recommend you use a filleting glove when using sharp knives to fillet fish.

With generations of fishing experience among the DINGA team we know a thing or two about fishing tackle. We definitely know that you can get performance fishing equipment for incredible value and our prices on fishing tackle are the perfect example of that! Order your fishing gear and tackle and enjoy the fastest free delivery in Australia as a DINGA Member today.