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Jarvis Walker Handcaster Plain - 4"

This Jarvis Walker Handcaster Plain 4” is all you need to catch a feed of fish the old-school way, making the most of the direct hands-on feel, compact format and lightweight portability. This plain fishing handcaster comes unrigged and lets you choose your own adventure when deciding what line and terminal tackle to add.

This Jarvis Walker 4” Handcaster is made tough and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing for species such as bream, flathead, whiting, luderick, tommy ruff, squid, perch, redfin, trout and many others. This fishing handcaster is designed with an angled lip for casting out over distance and it performs equally well vertically from a boat, jetty or bridge. The classic wrist spool shape offers a good grip and the design is reinforced so it can provide years of service.

This fishing handline format is a very affordable fishing option, either as a main casting tool; as a means to fish multiple lines the affordable way without the added cost of extra rods; as a great tool for teaching kids how to catch fish; or simply for the fun of the feel and hand-to-hand battles with your favourite fish. Fish it hard, or keep spares in the boat, tackle box, glove box, caravan, or with the camping gear. It is hard to find better fishing value than the Jarvis Walker Handcaster.
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Jarvis Walker Handcaster Plain - 4"

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41150 Jarvis Walker Handcaster Plain - 4"
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