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Jarvis Walker Monoline Fishing Line 300M 25lb

This budget value monofilament fishing line has been sold by Jarvis Walker to hundreds of thousands of fishermen over many years and still remains one of its most consistent sellers. Jarvis Walker 300m Mono fishing line in 25lb 0.45mm is a quality line with a green colour finish to minimise visibility, so you can fish with stealth as well as strength. The line features great abrasion resistence and knot strength and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications. Jarvis Walker Mono 25lb is suitable for applications such as heavier bait angling in rivers and lakes, surf fishing for salmon and tailor, or bottom fishing for snapper and other reef fish, and for bottom fishing or trolling lures for mackerel, tuna and trevally.

Jarvis Walker Mono is a great value for money mono fishing line for anglers looking for a reliable budget priced line.
Specification of  

Jarvis Walker Monoline Fishing Line 300M 25lb

Code Model Length (metric) Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (Inc GST)
30007 Monoline 300M 25lb 300m 25lb 0.45mm Green

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