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As low as $5.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Colour Price (INC GST)
Shrimp 3" (3 pack) Clear Gold 330029 Clear Gold/Glitter $5.00
Shrimp 3" (3 pack) Glo Chartreuse 330046 Glo Chartreuse $5.00
If you're on the hunt for a shrimp/prawn imitation lure that is both realistic and scented, the next generation of Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures should be on your shopping list. These lures represent the values that Jarvis Walker is known for - high performance at very affordable prices. Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures suit a wide variety of fishing applications and are perfect for weekend fishos through to the most experienced anglers.

The shrimp’s effectiveness as a live bait is precisely why it’s one of the most imitated baits on the market. There’s very little in the ocean that won’t bend over backwards to eat shrimp, so expect your rod to load into action with the Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp soft plastics.

Available in a range of natural colours, the Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures are designed on 3D scans of natural and live shrimp. It’s these crucial visual elements and the all-important scenting technology and large realistic prawn eyes that are key to the success of the Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures. A little tip when selecting the best prawn/shrimp fishing lures lies in the eyes - while prawn eyes may at first appear black, they are actually reflective in live shrimp.

Combine the lifelike body and eyes, the Jarvis Walker scenting technologies and the lifelike action in the water and you’ve got a powerful tool in your tackle box for catching fish. These lures can be twitched across structure, over sand bars or around weed beds with ease. You’ll spend far less time baiting hooks and more time catching fish.

Enjoy your fishing adventures with Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures in in both freshwater and saltwater habitats.

Order your next set of Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures from DINGA online. You're guaranteed legendary customer service, our incredible online prices and even faster delivery times. Catch more fish with DINGA Online at a better price today.
  • Fish-attracting colours
  • Strong impregnated fish scent
  • Ultra-soft body
  • For use in fresh water or salt water