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As low as $5.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Colour Price (INC GST)
Shads 2" Fire Tiger (6 pack) 330024 Fire Tiger $5.00
Shads 2" Rainbow (6 pack) 330041 Rainbow $5.00
Shads 3" Herring (5 pack) 330025 Herring $5.00
Shads 3" Golden Bunker (5 pack) 330042 Golden Bunker $5.00
Shads 4" Sand Eel (3 pack) 330026 Sand Eel $5.00
Shads 4" Mullet (3 pack) 330043 Mullet $5.00
Jarvis Walker understands that anglers are looking for pre-rigged soft plastic fishing lures that last the distance. The type which can outperform expectations at an incredibly low price. Jarvis Walker Scented Swim Shads are one more lure from Jarvis Walker offering the performance and value for money they are known for.

These soft plastics offer a realistic baitfish profile. They are proven to be go-getters for a wide variety of species. The fish-attracting colours of these lures are certain to excite the fish. Among the colours highlighted in these baits are the Fire Tiger, Rainbow, Herring, Golden Bunker, Sand Eel and Mullet. Choose colours according to the target species and the predominant baitfish in the area.

Jarvis Walker Scented Swim Shads are extremely versatile lure options designed to create maximum action with minimal movement in the water. One of the easiest and most effective techniques is to slow roll them like a swimbait. Anglers can also twitch and hop them like a jerkbait, or retrieve them at speed for pelagic species.

Other benefits include a realistic feel that keeps fish biting. Jarvis Walker Scented Swim Shads also have a built-in buoyancy feature that allows them to swim well in any water body. Moreover, the technology of Jarvis Walker scents drive the fish wild.

Jarvis Walker Scented Swim Shads are an excellent choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Indeed, these lures are excellent additions to an angler’s fishing arsenal.
  • Fish-attracting colours
  • Strong impregnated fish scent
  • Ultra-soft body
  • For use in freshwater or saltwater