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No other brand conjures vivid images of summer water sports fun in Australia than Land & Sea Sports. Remember those summer holidays and camping trips along the coast as a kid? Ocean salt and sweat on your brow and sand between your toes. It was summer fun at its best. It’s also highly likely that the snorkelling and poolside activities involved one of Australia’s most prominent water sports brands, Land & Sea Sports Australia.

At DINGA we love to deliver proven Land & Sea sports brand products that we know will provide hours of fun and entertainment. We believe that any products that contribute to wonderful outdoor experiences and memories are worth their weight in gold.

Land & Sea have been producing masks, snorkels, fins and other aquatic goodies since the early 1980s and have developed a reputation for reliable products that won’t break the bank. They supply an extensive range of masks, snorkels and flippers for kids, adults and diving professionals. The products utilise the latest in silicone technologies to provide added comfort and an improved seal.

Land & Sea fins and flippers encompass an assortment of styles from slip-on rubber models to the latest parabolic technology for increased thrust. Land & Sea also produce a range of goggles, kickboards, life jackets, swimming accessories and an extensive selection of slick underwater watches.

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