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Maxima puts the M in monofilament !

Born in Germany in 1920 the Maxima Line Company quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing the world’s highest quality fishing lines. Maxima utilises a state-of-the-art research and development facility nestled in the hills of Bavaria to design, refine and perfect its products to the highest possible standards.

Maxima is especially famous in Australia for its monofilament lines. In particular, the Ultragreen range has been a staple choice for anglers across the country. Whether fishos are spooling up a handline, a new reel or simply adding a backing base for braided line Maxima monofilament is the most trusted selection. The monofilament is also a great option for leader material especially when using hardbody lures.

Maxima is one of the most widely used monofilament lines in Australia and DINGA ensures you have access to their tried and tested products that we know Aussies trust.

The unique colour of Maxima monofilament also renders it virtually invisible in freshwater and coastal waters. The line is sufficiently supple for tying knots but it also has high abrasion resistance and is tough on fish.

Maxima also produce a large range of products from IGFA class monofilament to fluorocarbon and braid. Maxima products continually evolve to meet the high demands of modern fishing techniques so that you know that you’re always getting the best.

When you order a new reel from DINGA you can also spool up immediately on trusted brands like Maxima. Join the DINGA Club and get free delivery today!

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