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Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hooks Bulk Pack

Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hooks sound formidable just when taking in this powerful black nickel hook’s name for the first time. The Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hook lives up to first impressions as soon as you get one of them rigged up and it’s doing its job in the water.

The Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hook continues on with many of the features of the Mustad heavy and tough fishing hook range. It’s a high-strength, tempered carbon, chemically sharpened, extra strong hook suitable for live baiting and use with cube baits to meet the heavy tackle requirements of sports and game anglers.

Just because they are super strong and super tough, that doesn’t mean the Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hooks don’t come in a full range of sizes. You’ve always got a Hoodlum to suit when the fish are on.

Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hooks are built with durable hook points that mitigate rolling for better presentation. And despite that incredible strength, they are much lighter than you’d expect and around 20% lighter than hooks in the same class.

Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hook Bulk Packs offer better value for money and are perfect for anyone with a few fishing trips lined up or want to stock up on the hooks they need for their preferred setups.

Enjoy DINGA Online’s low everyday prices Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hook Bulk Packs and make sure you are signed in for free shipping before you order.
  • Higher Hook-up Rates
  • Chemically Sharpened
  • High Strength Tempered Carbon
  • Perfect for Live Baiting
  • 20% Lighter
Specification of 

Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Duty Hooks Bulk Pack

Code Model Size Price (Inc GST)
H10827NPBLN4/0 Mustad Hoodlum Hooks 4/0 25 Pack 4/0
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H10827NPBLN6/0 Mustad Hoodlum Hooks 6/0 25 Pack 6/0
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H10827NPBLN8/0 Mustad Hoodlum Hooks 8/0 25 Pack 8/0

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