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Prism Spinner 3.5gm Red - silver, red , red feather

Out of stock
Out of stock

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Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Size Colour Price (INC GST)

Product Name:

Prism Spinner 3.5gm Red - silver, red , red feather



Product Style:


Length (metric):

32 mm


3.5 g


Red - Silver, Red, Red Feather

These 3.5g (1/8oz) Prism Spinners offer freshwater anglers a high-quality traditional spinner lure that is ideal for trout, redfin, bass and other favourites. You have a choice of three traditional-style red, green or blue blade finishes. These spinners are easy to use: simply cast, let them sink to the required depth then jerk the rod to get the blades spinning, creating flash and a water-displacing pulse that attracts fish. From there you can experiment to develop your own subtle techniques.