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Five Star Retailer
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Daiwa 21 BG MQ-ARK Spinning Reels

Original price $329.00 - Original price $399.00
Original price
$329.00 - $399.00
Current price $329.00

Bringing rockstar looks to the rockstar performance of the 20 BG MQ the new BG MQ ARK has it all. Striking in black and gold and featuring Daiwa's legendary Aluminium Round Knob (ARK), the BG MQ ARK is loaded with all the innovation and technologies of the 20 BG MQ.

Monocoque Body (MQ) is the single biggest revolution in spinning reel design from Daiwa by totally eliminating the traditional two-piece body construction. MQ reels don’t use any side plates and feature a completely screwless body design which eliminates potential entry points for water & grime, and significantly enhances overall body strength and rigidity. 

The screwless design principle of MQ bodies are also significantly more compact than a standard body design. Screws need material to grip to, and that means more overall size and more mass in traditional body designs. By replacing the side plate with a machined aluminium engine plate which screws directly into the reel body, MQ reels can maximise the internal space made available by using larger size drive gears than before.

Throughout the entire line-up of BG MQ, vast improvements have been made to almost all areas of the reel design. The drag has been improved both in maximum capacity but also in smooth overall performance, drastically reducing the friction of the Carbon ATD drag - BG MQ’s drag performance is unmatched by the competition.

The MQ body construction not only has the obvious benefits of a stronger & more compact body design, it also delivers an increase in gear durability thanks to absolute zero movement of drivetrain components once installed inside an MQ body. Weather-sealing is also significantly improved, with seals visible in multiple locations throughout the reel, BG MQ is built for the harshest of environments.

Casting performance has also been improved with the implementation of Long Cast ABS (LC-ABS) spool design. LC-ABS spool design improves line flow from the spool, resulting in increased casting distances across the board with both heavy & light lines.

Throughout the BG MQ range, improvements have been made specific to the size of each reel to maximise their performance and overall appeal to each target market.

  • ABS Long Cast Spool
  • ATD Automatic Tournament Drag
  • Metal / Alloy Body
  • Monocoque One Piece Frame
  • 6 Ball Bearings / 1 Roller Bearing

Grab gold medal performance and looks with the new BG MQ ARK. Available in 3000-20000 sizing.

 Model Sku Gear Ratio Line Capacity Max Drag Weight
22303 6.2:1 PE 1.5 / 300m Braid 10kg 285 grams
BG MQ 4000D-H-ARK 22304 6.2:1 PE 2.0 / 300m Braid 12kg 305 grams
BG MQ 5000D-H-ARK 22282 5.7:1 PE 2.5 / 300m Braid 12kg 440 grams
BG MQ 6000D-H-ARK 22283 5.7:1 PE 3.0 / 300m Braid 12kg 450 grams
BG MQ 8000-H-ARK 22284 5.7:1 PE 4.0 / 300m Braid 15kg 625 grams
BG MQ 10000H-ARK 22285 5.7:1 PE 5.0 / 300m Braid 15kg 630 grams
BG MQ 14000-ARK 22286 5.7:1 PE 6.0 / 300m Braid 15kg 630 grams
BG MQ 18000-ARK 22287 5.3:1 PE 8.0 / 300m Braid 20kg 845 grams
BG MQ 20000-ARK 22288 5.3:1 PE 10.0 / 300m Braid 20kg 845 grams