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Quantum Cabo PTSE Series Spinning Reels

Radically designed. Obsessively engineered. Exhaustively tested, and continually modified to help you squeeze every ounce of performance out of your fishing gear. Every Quantum Cabo PTS reel is a souped-up, tricked-out testament of Quantum's never-ending mission to engineer the ultimate fishing experience.

The Quantum Cabo PTS range of saltwater spinning reels have evolved from the ever popular, previous, Cabo ranges and represent the pinnacle of heavy duty saltwater design in the Quantum stable. The signature of quality on many of the Quantum reels is in the phrase, Performance Tuned, or PT. What is performance Tuning? It is a combination of exclusive, high performance features that stand the Cabo range of spinning reels miles ahead of its competitors.

The exclusive features of the Quantum Cabo are a body and side cover built from the new SCR alloy. This material was designed in conjunction with marine engine metal experts,for the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. Further protection is added with a SaltGuard 2.0 coating applied to the alloy prior to the painting process.

The toughest battle in saltwater isn't the fish. It's the salt.

The machined aluminium handle and ported aluminium spool add to the metal count, as does the huge centre shaft, which is complemented by stronger threads. The super-sized water-tight drag includes an impressive stack of ceramic, carbon fibre and stainless steel washers above the spool, with massive ceramic and carbon fibre washers under the spool, for increased drag capacity, excellent heat dissipation and smooth delivery of power under load. The new Cabo design utilizes seven polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings plus one sealed anti-reverse bearing. Other features include a nickel-titanium bail and magnetic bail trip mechanism that is guaranteed for life.

The Quantum PTS range comprises of five fishing reels. Sizes 40 and 50 have 5.3:1 gear ratios, the big 60 and 80 sizes are 4.9:1 and the massive 120 size has a powerful retrieve of 4.7:1.

Line capacities range from 270yd of 30lb braid on the 40, up to 500yd of 65lb braid on the Cabo 120. For anglers looking for high performance drags, look no further than the Cabo as every size outperforms other reels of their size and price bracket by a country mile, culminating in the 120 size with a massive drag potential in excess of 29Kg.

As if that wasn't enough,the Quantum Cabo spin reels are lubricated with premium Hot Sauce grease and oil at the factory, so they’re ready to perform at their best right out of the box. In summary the Quantum Cabo PTs range of spinning reels is the perfect choice for anglers who demand exceptionally high performance from their equipment, with sizes to cope with every saltwater application.

The 40's and 50's are spot on for snapper, tailor,salmon and drummer, while the large capacity 80's and 120's are capable of anything, including Mulloway, GT's, Samson fish, Amberjack even up to large tuna and marlin.
Specification of 

Quantum Cabo PTSE Series Spinning Reels

CodeModelBall BearingsLine CapacityGear RatioMax Drag (kg)Weight (g)Price (Inc GST)
25622Quantum Cabo 40PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1270 Yds / 30Lb Braid5.3:113-

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25623Quantum Cabo 50PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1325 Yds / 30Lb Braid5.3:117400
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25624Quantum Cabo 60PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1320 Yds / 50Lb Braid4.9:120680
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25625Quantum Cabo 80PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1320 Yds / 50Lb Braid4.9:125865
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25626Quantum Cabo 100PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1450 Yds / 65Lb Braid 300M / 30Lb Mono4.7:127 kg925
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25619Quantum Cabo 120PTSE Spinning Reel7 + 1600 Yds / 50Lb Braid 300M / 30Lb Mono4.7:129.5943

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