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Quantum Exo 40PTI Performance Tuned Spin Style Fishing Reel

Quantum gave their engineers a task to create a fishing reel that is as light as possible which did not sacrifice performance. The end result was a new revolutionary fishing reel design concept which was called metal where it matters. From this concept the Quantum Exo PT Exoskeleton lightest weight fishing reel ever by Quantum was born.

The Quantum EXO 40TI spinning reel is the ultimate in lightweight high-performance casting spin reels, with the EXO 40PTI weighing in at a mere 275 grams - and it still provides more than 9kg of drag power! That stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system features ceramic washers to dissipate heat during long runs.

Through Finite Element modelling, Quantum compared the effects of stress on aluminium and composite materials. Key areas like gear supports, bearings, and the spinning reel stem were analysed to assure minimal flex under maximum load conditions.

The Quantum Exo 40PTI spinning reel is a reel with a never-ending list of features. The front-adjustable drag system has ceramic washers to dissipate heat generated during extra-long runs. Ten high grade stainless bearings are fitted in a special polymer cage, increasing sensitivity and fighting corrosion. The line management system makes sure your line is packed neat and tight. The extra-hard PT gears provide perfect meshing and super-durability. The spinning reel rotor is made of a radical new material known as C4LF, which gets rid of rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads and is 80% lighter than standard rotors. The 10 polymer-stainless hybrid bearings are another clever idea: high-grade stainless bearings fitted in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection.

Solid hook-sets for lure manipulation, machined aluminium crank handle, adjustable centrifugal cast control, continuous anti-reverse, the list goes on and on.

If you are after a super strong, light weight fishing reel that has been tested to stack up to the challenge then buy a Quantum Exo Fishing Reel - Welcome to generation EXO.
  • Quantum Exo fishing reels provide you fishing reel that is super strong yet lightweight allowing you to have a fishing reel that is super sensitive and long-lasting.
  • Quantum’s ceramic drag system will stack up to the challenge of being able to displace heat during long drawn out fights.
  • 10 ball bearings fitted within the Quantum EXO fishing reel provide you with a super smooth fishing reel. There is a ball bearing in all the places required to assist with stress.
  • The PT gears found in the Quantum Exo Fishing reel mesh perfectly and are made lightweight yet tough.
  • Quantum Exo Fishing reels also feature continuous anti reverse which will provide you with a fishing reel that will give solid hook setting capabilities.
Specification of  

Quantum Exo 40PTI Performance Tuned Spin Style Fishing Reel

CodeModelBall BearingsLine CapacityGear RatioMax Drag (kg)Weight (g)Price (Inc GST)
25454 Exo 40PTI10+1210m/10lb mono; 290yd/20lb Braid5.2:19Kg275 Grams

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