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Rattling Stick Bait 4" Pink

Out of stock
Out of stock

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Rattling Stick Bait 4" Pink



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This 4" Rattling Stick Bait can be rigged weighted to get down deep, or just enough to waft down to a snag, or it can be rigged unweighted on a 2/0 worm hook to fish the surface. You can fish it around estuaries, island fringes, sand and reef flats, inshore grounds, rivers, plus freshwater creeks and lakes. Cast it out, let it sink, then start working the lure with short quick flicks of the rod tip up and/or sidewards, using pauses to allow the lure to sink between each series of flicks. Or when rigged weightless, start retrieving quickly as soon as the lure hits the surface for an erratic skipping presentation. As with all fishing, it's best to match your lure size to the prey your target fish are feeding on, so use this 4" model when the prevalent baitfish are small to medium. There are 6 colour patterns to choose from and all will catch your favourites like snapper, flathead, barra, tailor, Australian salmon, jacks, rat kings, bonito, trevally, coral trout, freshwater cod, bass, sooty grunter and many more.