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Rovex 10X NXT Monofilament Leader Fishing Line

As low as $12.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (INC GST)
100M 20LB 32440 Leader 20lb 0.45mm Clear $12.00
100M 30LB 32441 Leader 30lb 0.50mm Clear $12.00
100M 40LB 32442 Leader 40lb 0.60mm Clear $14.00
100M 50LB 32443 Leader 50lb 0.65mm Clear $15.00
100M 60LB 32444 Leader 60lb 0.70mm Clear $16.00
100M 80LB 32445 Leader 80lb 0.80mm Clear $18.00
100M 100LB 32446 Leader 100lb 0.90mm Clear $20.00
100M 150LB 32447 Leader 150lb 1.20mm Clear $22.00
100M 200LB 32448 Leader 200lb 1.40mm Clear $25.00
Rovex 10X Mono Fishing Leader is made using the latest advanced polymer bonding technology to create a premium-quality heavy-duty monofilament nylon fishing leader line that offers up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of most other mono leaders of the same diameter. The 10X Mono Leader line formula is as tough as a quality nylon leader gets and will be first choice for serious saltwater anglers targeting everything from flathead to barramundi, to samson fish, giant trevally or kingfish, to tuna or billfish. Rovex 10X Mono Leader line is your best option when the situation demands a leader with a hardwearing surface. Extensive development was employed to match this tough exterior with easy-to-handle attributes, so tying secure knots is effortless. The knot strength and crimp strength are exceptional, making it ideal for myriad heavy-duty sport and game fishing applications. 100m spools of Rovex 10X Mono Leader line are available in nine popular leader strengths from 20lb (0.45mm) to 200lb (1.4mm).