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Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line 150yd 50lb Green

The Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line is a high performance braid that features a nice round profile for smoother casting and increased sensitivity. Rovex Air Strike Dark Green 150yd in 50lb 0.36mm is the versatile inshore-offshore braid fishing line you need when trolling and live baiting for Spanish mackerel, kingfish, cobia, inshore tuna and trevally; or using metal jigs or weighted baits for snapper, coral trout and other reef fish; or casting lures for queenfish and small- to medium-size GTs; or for when you need extra line strength for big barramundi or Murray cod.

Rovex Air Strike in 50lb has a line diameter of 0.36mm, which offers a versatile mix of distance casting performance for big lures, plus the benefit of a thin profile that when fishing deep slices through the current for a straight line to your hook/lure. Using 50lb Air Strike braid in such scenarios also affords you the sensitivity you need to feel every bump and bite.

Air Strike 50lb braid is a four-carrier braid with a round profile and slick coating. It holds its shape well, offers dependable all-round performance and minimises friction so that your line is not dragging too much as it moves through your guides. The shape grips tight for strong leader knots, especially when using a slim beauty, a double uni or an Albright knot, with mono or fluorocarbon leaders ranging from 40lb up to 100lb-plus, remembering that it is best to use a double in your braid mainline when rigging with thicker leaders.

Air Strike raid is a Dark Green colour, which is ideal for stealthy presentations when you need your line to be as invisible as possible, such as when fishing clear water, or when fishing short leaders.

This Air Strike Braid has almost zero stretch and is made from 100% Dyneema Fibres which is the latest in braid making technology and gives you the best possible strength to diameter ratio for advanced knot tying techniques.
  • Excellent Casting Performance
  • 100% Dyneema Fibres
  • Near Zero Stretch
  • Smooth Round Profile
  • Increased Sensitivity
Specification of  

Rovex Air Strike Braid Fishing Line 150yd 50lb Green

Code Model Length (metric) Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (Inc GST)
32160 150yd 30lb 150yd 50lb 0.36mm Dark Green
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