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As low as $29.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Rating (lb) Diameter Price (INC GST)
ROVEX D8 20Lb 300YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32734 300yd 20lb 0.23mm $49.00
ROVEX D8 30Lb 150YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32733 30lb 0.26mm $29.00
ROVEX D8 20Lb 150YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32732 150yd 20lb 0.23mm $29.00
ROVEX D8 80Lb 300YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32737 300yd 80lb 0.46mm $49.00
ROVEX D8 15Lb 150YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32731 150yd 15lb 0.21mm $29.00
ROVEX D8 50Lb 300YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32736 300yd 50lb 0.34mm $49.00
ROVEX D8 10Lb 150YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32730 150yd 10lb 0.18mm $29.00
ROVEX D8 30Lb 300YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32735 300yd 30lb 0.26mm $49.00
ROVEX D8 6Lb 150YD HI VIS YELLOW BRAID 32738 150yd 6lb 0.13mm $29.00
From serious anglers to enthusiasts, fishos are always on the lookout for reliable fishing line. The Rovex D:8, eight-carrier braid fishing line is made using high-quality Japanese HMPE fibres and is what you've been looking for. Forget about other fishing lines. You’ll be casting further and hauling in the toughest of fish with ease on Rovex D:8 Braid. The bonus is the incredible low price of Rovex D:8 Braid Fishing Line.

The Rovex D:8 Braid Fishing Line features a round and smooth profile that feels very comfortable in your hands. This is made possible by using a tight weave pattern that combines each of the individual eight strands into a single line for an extra strong and smooth finish.

The technology behind the construction of Rovex D:8 Braid Fishing Line offers anglers excellent casting distance, while also having a neat line lay on your spool and a better grip - that’s also really helpful when you are tying knots and rigging your tackle. It’s perfect for a wide variety of applications even when fishing with small lures and when you need the precision to fish amongst tight structure.

Manufactured using new generation Japanese raw materials, Rovex D:8 Braid is 20% stronger than the other ordinary PE braids. Tough, reliable and high performance summarise Rovex D:8 Braid.

Rovex D:8 Braid is available in a variety strengths in 150 and 300 yard spools.

With generations of hands-on fishing experience, we know which fishing tackle delivers at DINGA Online. DINGA delivers at faster than normal delivery times and if you’re a DINGA Club member, delivery is free. The team members at DINGA Online are proud of DINGA’s unrivalled reputation among Australia’s angling community and want to keep it that way! Order with confidence today!
  • Eight carrier (strand) braid line made from high-quality Japanese HMPE fibres
  • The D:8 round profile is achieved with a tight weave pattern, combining each of the eight strands into a stronger line with a smooth finish
  • Excellent casting distance, neat line lay on your spool and better grip for tying knots
  • D:8 Braid's new-generation Japanese raw material makes Rovex D:8 Braid 20% stronger than standard PE braids