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Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line Bulk 3500yd 15lb Chartreuse

Rovex Viros 15lb 0.20mm x 3500 yard braid fishing line bulk spool in Chartreuse colour is the best value way to purchase Viros 15lb Braid. If you are an fishermen with multiple large spools to fill, one of several mates who like to buy their gear together, member of a fishing club, a charter boat operator, guide or professional fisherman looking to buy bulk spooled 15lb braid fishing line, then this is the product for you. Just do the calculation, divide the price by the 3500 yards and see what you will save.

Rovex Viros 15lb 0.20mm braid fishing line is a versatile line that can cast a variety of lure/bait weights on light spin and baitcast tackle, yet it can handle a range of target fish sizes, big and small. 15lb Rovex Viros braid can be used for bream, flathead, tailor, Australian salmon, grunter, small trevallies and snapper in the salt; and in freshwater, bass, yellowbelly, sooty grunter and smaller Murray cod, to name a few.

Rovex Viros is a high quality premium braid made using the latest Dyneema microfilament technology and cutting edge braiding machines to produce the small diameter, long casting and quiet braided fishing line enjoyed by fishermen around Australia.

It's rounder and smoother, it casts like a dream from both spinning and baitcaster reels and is less prone to wind knots than other braids. The high-tech materials and finish are designed for harsh saltwater environments while retaining the subtle characteristics required for success in freshwater. Greater bite sensitivity will help your hook up rate and the minimum stretch in braided fishing lines adds to your ability to control and retreive the fish once hooked.

It is the line serious tournament anglers demanded and it has been tested extensively, proving it has got the measure of the toughest Aussie sportfish.

Like many fishermen before you, you will not be disappointed with choosing Viros and this 3500 yard spool delivers the best value for money Viros buy.
Specification of  

Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line Bulk 3500yd 15lb Chartreuse

Code Model Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (Inc GST)
32027 Viros Braid Chartreuse 3500yd 15lb 0.16mm 15lb 0.16mm Chartreuse
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