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Shimano Anthem SW Series Rods

As low as $299.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Pc Rating (lb) Price (INC GST)
Shimano ANTHEM SW 6'6" 2pc 40 - 65lb Overhead Rod 20ASW662OHH Overhead-Rods 2.01 2Pce 40-65 Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 6'9" 2pc 30 - 50lb Overhead Rod 20ASW692OHM Overhead-Rods 2.1 2Pce 30-50Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 6'9" 2pc 30 - 50lb Spin Rod 20ASW692SPMH Spinning-Rods 2.1 2Pce 30-50Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 6'9" 2pc 50 - 80lb Spin Rod 20ASW692SPH Spinning-Rods 2.1 2Pce 50-80Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 7'0" 2pc 40 - 50lb Spin Rod 20ASW702SPH Spinning-Rods 2.13 2Pce 40-50Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 7'3" 2pc 30 - 40lb Spin Rod 20ASW732SP Spinning-Rods 2.22 2Pce 30-40Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW 7'6" 2pc 20 - 30lb Spin Rod 20ASW762SP Spinning-Rods 2.31 2Pce 20-30Lb $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW Stickbait GT 7'9" 2pc PE 8 - 10 Spin Rod 20ASW792GT Spinning-Rods 2.4 2Pce PE 8-10 $349.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW Stickbait 8'0" 2pc PE 5 Spin Rod 20ASW802SB Spinning-Rods 2.43 2Pce PE 5 $349.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW PE3 1.62m 1pc Jig Spin Rod 20ASWJSPPE3 Spin-Jig-Rods 1.62 1Pce PE 3 $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW PE5 1.54m 1pc Jig Spin Rod 20ASWJSPPE5 Spin-Jig-Rods 1.54 1Pce PE 5 $299.00
Shimano ANTHEM SW PE8 1.54m 1pc Jig Spin Rod 20ASWJSPPE8 Spin-Jig-Rods 1.54 1Pce PE 8 $299.00
The Anthem SW series is a dedicated sportfishing series of rods that feature 12 purpose-built models for Australian conditions with 2 overhead, 5 spin, 2 stick bait and 3 jigging models. Built tough to handle any unforgiving saltwater species, Shimano's durable and lightweight TC4 blank construction has been used, which ensures powerful performance when both casting and fighting a fish once hooked. Premium Fuji K Faz Lite guides have been fitted and the grip section features specially designed custom shaped EVA moulded grips for comfort and added grip. These rods are suited to be fished right along Australia’s saltwater coastline, whether it be GT’s on the northern reefs or southern bluefin busting up bait.
  • TC4 Construction
  • FUJI K Guides
  • Custom EVA Grips
  • Custom Reel Seat