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Shimano Spheros Spinning Reels with Bonus Braid

The Shimano Spheros SW series of spin reels is a Shimano favorite that comes in the 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000 & 20000 sizes and has recently been brought back and significantly improved upon compared to the tough as nails 2007 series.

The new Shimano Spheros SW reels are a whole lot prettier, with increased creature comforts such as the soft touch handle for improved fishing performance and the super smooth wind from the 4+1 Ball bearing system. At the heart of the Spheros SW's are a gutsy, no-nonsense reel that has a gear ratio range of 4.4:1 up to 4.9:1 and are made using a cold forged drive gear and a bearing supported pinion gear and features sealing gaskets in precise locations to deliver a more efficient water resistant barrier that is perfect for saltwater conditions.

The Shimano Spheros SW has been fitted with a Cross Carbon drag system that can be cranked from 10kg in the smallest 5000 size up to 18kg with the largest 20000 size. The Spheros SW are perfect for chasing saltwater species such as your Mulloway, Cobia, and Offshore Snapper right up to your Tuna, Trevally, Sailfish, Sharks etc. and all come with impressive braided line capacities.

All Shimano Spheros SW models also come with a machined aluminium handle for grip and a AR-C Lip design on the cold forged spool which enables anglers to achieve accurate distance casting, even with big, bulky lures and baits whist also helping to prevent wind knots from forming.

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Specification of 

Shimano Spheros Spinning Reels with Bonus Braid

CodeModelRating (lb)Ball BearingsLine CapacityGear RatioMax Drag (kg)Weight (g)Price
SP5000SWShimano Spheros SW 5000 Spinning Fishing Reel-4+120lb/300yds4.6:110455g
SP6000SWShimano Spheros SW 6000 Spinning Fishing Reel-4+130/290 50/195 65/1404.6:110460 grams
SP8000SWShimano Spheros SW 8000 Spinning Fishing Reel-4+1340yds of 40lb up to 215yds of 65lb PowerPro Braid4.9:112Kg700g
SP10000SWShimano Spheros SW 10000 Spinning Fishing Reel-4+1360yds of 50lb up to 215yds of 80lb PowerPro Braid4.9:112Kg715g
SP20000SWShimano Spheros SW 20000 Spinning Fishing Reel-4+1490yds of 65lb up to 340yds of 100lb PowerPro Braid4.4:118Kg930g
32010Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line 300yd 15lb Chartreuse15lb-----
32011Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line 300yd 20lb Chartreuse20lb-----
32012Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line 300yd 30lb Chartreuse30lb-----
32013Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line 300yd 50lb Chartreuse50lb-----
32014Rovex Viros Braid Fishing Line 275yd 80lb Chartreuse80lb-----

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