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Shimano T Curve Deep Jig Fishing Rods

As low as $279.00
In stock
In stock
Shimano T Curve Deep Jig Fishing Rods
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Pc Rating (lb) Price (INC GST)
Deep Jig 300 Spinning Rod 1.75 M 24-37 KG TCJ300SP Jig-Spin-Rods 1.75 Meters 2 Pce 50 - 80 Lb $279.00
Deep Jig 200 Spinning Rod 1.78 M 24 KG TCJ200SP Jig-Spin-Rods 1.78 Meters 2 Pce 50 Lb $279.00
Deep Jig 400 Overhead Rod 1.73 M 37 KG TCJ400OH Jig-Spin-Rods 1.73 Meters 2 Pce 80 Lb $279.00
Deep Jig 400 Spinning Rod 1.73 M 37 KG TCJ400SP Jig-Spin-Rods 1.73 Meters 2 Pce 80 Lb $279.00
Deep Jig 200 Overhead Rod 1.78 M 24 KG TCJ200OH Jig-Overhead 1.78 Meters 2 Pce 50 Lb $279.00
Shimano T Curve Deep Jig Fishing Rods.

Welcome to the latest incarnation of the incredibly popular Shimano T Curve Deep Jig spinning rods. As the name suggests, these quality fishing rods have been specifically designed, by Ian Miller, for deep jigging using the latest and most sophisticated spinning or threadline reels.

Anyone who has used deep jigging techniques for massive kingfish, amberjack, sampsonfish and other deep water brawlers will know there is no room for second rate equipment. That is why Shimano has gone to great lengths to design these superb fishing tools.

The blanks are a TC3 3 ply Toray graphite.This construction offers the angler a light rod with incredible power and a very fast action that will keep them in contact with the fish at all times. Very few rods, off the rack, would be capable of generating the lift needed to fish their recommended line ratings to the limit.
Fuji K series Alconite guides offer tangle free fishing and low friction on those extended fights. Solid alloy gimbles and extra hard full length grips complete the hardware.

An innovative design feature of the T Curve deep jig range is the detachable butt. This makes transport and travel a dream.
DINGA Fishing stocks all 3 models in the spinning jig range, the lightest being the 200 SP. This rod has been designed to fish up to 24 kg braid and suits jig weights from 150-250 g. The middle size is the 300 SP. It suits braid weights from 24-37 kg and jigs from 200-400 g. The heaviest model is the 400 SP. Suited to 37 kg and jigs from 250-500 g.

We also stock a full range of reels to balance perfectly with the T Curve deep jig range. Have a look at Shimano Stella SW's, Biomaster SW's, and Saragosa SW's.

Good Fishing!