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Shimano Zodias Series Rods

As low as $299.00
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Pc Price (INC GST)
ZODIAS 6'6" M/L 7-14lb 2pce Baitcast Rod 20ZOD166ML Baitcaster-Rods 1.98 2 Pce at top of Butt Section $299.00
ZODIAS 6'8" 3-6lb 2pce Light Spin Rod 20ZOD268L Spinning-Rods 2.03 2 Pce at top of Butt Section $299.00
ZODIAS 7'5" 12-25lb 1pce Heavy Baitcast Rod 20ZOD175HA Baitcaster-Rods 2.26 1 Pce $299.00
ZODIAS 5'10" 10-20lb 2pce Medium Baitcast Rod 20ZOD1510M2 Baitcaster-Rods 1.78 2 Pce 20cm above top of Butt Section $299.00
ZODIAS 7'0" 2-5lb 2pce U/L Spin Rod 20ZOD270UL Spinning-Rods 2.13 2 Pce at top of Butt Section $299.00
ZODIAS 7'0" 3-6lb 2pce Light Spin Rod 20ZOD270L Spinning-Rods 2.14 2 Pce at top of Butt Section $299.00
ZODIAS 7'0" 4-8lb 2pce M/L Spin Rod 20ZOD270ML Spinning-Rods 2.15 2 Pce at top of Butt Section $299.00
For 2020, the Zodias has undergone a significant upgrade and now features Shimano’s exclusive Carbon Monocoque Butt for the ultimate in sensitivity. The Full Carbon Monocoque rod butt is made of a hollow carbon construction, eliminating the use of EVA from the rear grip. This results in a very lightweight construction that is extremely sensitive and improves vibration transmission through the rod blank to your hand when working a lure. To provide the exact balance between power and finesse, the 2020 Zodias continues to feature Shimano’s Hi-Power X graphite blank and Ci4+ Reel Seat and upgraded Fuji Stainless Alconite K guides with a SiC tip. With 12 models in the range that have been engineered with specifically tuned actions for a range of lure fishing styles. The rods are finished with the slick red and black cosmetics that have made the Zodias series a perfect match for many Shimano reels.
  • HI-Power X Graphite
  • FUJI K Alconite
  • Carbon Monocoque Butt Assembly
  • Silicone Carbide Tip
  • 2 Pce Rods are split at the Top of Butt Section
  • Except BC1510M-2A is split 200mm above Butt Section