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Siglon PE ADV x8 Braid - 150m and 300m

As low as $39.95
In stock
In stock
Model Code Product Style Length (metric) Rating (lb) Diameter Colour Price (INC GST)
ADV x8 PE 0.5 6lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28201 Braid 150m 6Lb PE0.5 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 0.6 8lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28202 Braid 150m 8Lb PE0.6 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 0.8 10lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28203 Braid 150m 10Lb PE0.8 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 1.0 12lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28204 Braid 150m 12Lb PE1.0 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 1.2 16lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28205-3 Braid 150m 16Lb PE1.2 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 1.7 20lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28207-1 Braid 150m 20Lb PE1.7 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 2.0 24lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28208 Braid 150m 24Lb PE2.0 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 2.5 30lb 150m - Turquoise Blue 28209-1 Braid 150m 30Lb PE2.5 Turquoise Blue $39.95
ADV x8 PE 1.2 16lb 300m - Multi 28232 Braid 300m 16Lb PE1.2 Multi $79.95
ADV x8 PE 1.7 20lb 300m - Multi 28234 Braid 300m 20Lb PE1.7 Multi $79.95
ADV x8 PE 2.0 24lb 300m - Multi 28235 Braid 300m 24Lb PE2.0 Multi $79.95
ADV x8 PE 2.5 30lb 300m - Multi 28236 Braid 300m 30Lb PE2.5 Multi $79.95
ADV x8 PE 4.0 50lb 300m - Multi 28238 Braid 300m 50Lb PE4.0 Multi $79.95
ADV x8 PE 5.0 60lb 300m - Multi 28239 Braid 300m 60Lb PE5.0 Multi $79.95

Siglon PE ADV (advanced) takes the original Siglon PEx8 to the next level thanks to the latest manufacturing process, making it superior in its water repellency, strength, slickness and abrasion resistance.

Water repellency

Sunline compared the water repellency between Siglon PEx8 and Siglon PE ADV. When a water drop was placed on to the original Siglon PE the drop soaks into the line (which is normal for PE lines). However Siglon PE ADV shows an excellent repellency due to a special resin that penetrates deep into the fibre. This technology is the first in the industry which Sunline named Deep Resin Technology (DRT). Due to the special processing, the water sheds from the line easily, so the line is unlikely to become heavy. That means you can make a long cast every time. Also, the line doesn't stick to the rod. As a result, you can continue fishing without stress.

Siglon PEx8 absorbs water, but Siglon PE ADV shows an excellent water repellency.

Sunline tested Siglon PE ADV (#0.8). The strength shown on the packaging is 4.5kg (avg.) and 6kg (max.) and they found that as expected there is a bit of 'width' in strength, but the strength reached the maximum 6kg easily.

In the slickness test, Siglon PE ADV 12lb (#1) was compared with Siglon PEx8 12lb (#1). The ADV showed an overwhelming difference in the 10g sliding weight test. The slickness has been improved by about 25%.

This is a big advantage of DRT processing. Due to its high abrasion resistance it is possible to fish near cover like timber or rocks where it's difficult to fish with normal PE lines. DRT processing also means the ADV line is stiffer than Siglon PEx8. With a soft PE line troubles such as entanglement can occur but troubles are reduced with ADV's moderate stiffness. This makes it possible to cast deep into of the bush.

  • Deep Resin Technology for High Water Repelancy
  • Slick Finish ensures longer Casts
  • Average Strength is consistent over listed Breaking Strain
  • Abrasion Resistance up to 135 Times more than Standard Siglon PE 8x
  • 150m Turquoise Blue
  • 300m Multi Colour