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Make sure all your fish stick with SpiderWire!

SpiderWire has a catchy name that literally sticks in your head! Nevertheless, given the amazing ability of SpiderWire fishing lines to fight and catch fish the name is exceptionally fitting! SpiderWire is one of the most advanced fishing lines on the market. SpiderWire is incredibly smooth and quiet to cast and it delivers superhero strength at any diameter.

All our products at DINGA are chosen with our 30 years of fishing retail experience. That means we stock reliable products like SpiderWire that have a strong history of delivering results.

SpiderWire manufacture a range of braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines and every product is designed with the same silky smooth style. Intriguingly, the origins of SpiderWire are almost as unique as the product itself. SpiderWire wasn’t designed and developed in a fishing tackle factory. In fact, it was discovered as a by-product during the development of bullet-proof vests in a Californian law enforcement laboratory!

SpiderWire is now a leading brand in user friendly and durable fishing lines. SpiderWire lines possess an ability to resist wind knots, tip wrapping and fraying and they maintain colour well. When you tie on SpiderWire you get consistent results every time. So hit the water and spin your web around the trophy fish that you desire!

We love unique products at DINGA and we get them to our customers for the best prices and at breakneck speed! Join the DINGA Club today and enjoy free delivery! Happy fishing!

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