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To tame the ocean’s toughest beasts, look to Stren for strength!

Stren have been at the forefront of innovative fishing lines since 1958. Stren fishing lines are celebrated for their remarkable knot, tensile and shock strength as well as their impressive abrasion resistance. Stren manufacture cutting-edge monofilament and braided lines to suit every fishing scenario and application in Australian waters. From bream to marlin, Stren have a suitable line that will keep fish hooked and under control.

Renowned across the globe for strength, dependability and innovative technology Stren strives to be an angler’s best friend on the water by ensuring reliability under the most demanding fishing circumstances. Whether you’re heaving a barra from timber or locked in battle with a raging tuna, Stren will hold fast and tight and be there until the end.

Stren fishing lines epitomise our goals at DINGA to deliver our customers reliability and a service you can trust. Our satisfaction guarantee is our commitment to these ideals.

When you spool up with Stren you get consistent and reliable results every time and that’s exactly what anglers want in a fishing line. In the midst of an epic tug-of-war the last thing any angler wants is an unexpected line complication. Stren performs any time and every time.

Our 30 years of fishing retail experience at DINGA means that you can trust that we know our stuff. We definitely know fishing lines and that’s why we stock Stren!

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