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For a brighter outlook on fishing choose a Sunline!

If you haven’t picked up on one of the most glaringly apparent trends in global fishing tackle, let us spell it out for you. Japanese companies do fishing tackle very well! Sunline is a leading Japanese fishing line manufacturer that commenced production in 1977 and their lines have quickly garnered a reputation for high quality and reliability across the globe.

Sunline has grown to be the world’s largest line-only manufacturer and they export their products to 40 countries. Sunline produce in excess of an astonishing 550 tonnes of fishing line annually, revealing just how in-demand Sunline products are!

At DINGA we love to provide our customers with a huge range of the best fishing products from around the world. Sunline are at the top of their game and we know you’ll love their products too!

Sunline manufacture a vast array of innovative braid, nylon monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. The lines are thin, strong and reliable and most importantly they catch fish. That’s why top anglers across the country are spooling up and tying leaders with Sunline.

Join the DINGA Club today and get free shipping with any Sunline order! Tight lines!

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